Black & Black Surgical

Surgical instruments or works of art?

Black & Black Surgical, Inc. was started in 2007 with the intention of restoring innovative, quality instrumentation to the plastic surgery instrument market.

Medskin Solutions Dr. Suwelack

Matriderm, dermal regeneration in one step

The German company boasts a unique manufacturing technology for large-scale biomatrix systems. Since 1997 the company commercializes innovative biomatrix technology products for wound healing and cosmetic applications.


iGuide, the neck lifting revolution

Recently gained by Vedise Hospital, this product line consist of an innovative system for the soft tissue lifting, named IGuide®, which uses an unprecedented, minimally invasive technique for achieving a beautifully contoured neckline.


A 30 year-experience in Plastic Surgery

Silimed is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of silicone medical devices. Founded over 30 years ago in Rio de Janerio, the Silimed products are now sold in over 62 countries worldwide.

TEI Biosciences Inc.

The natural choice for your patients

A leading, privately-held biomedical company, TEI Biosciences has applied its expertise in regenerative medicine to develop and commercialize novel biologic products for a broad spectrum of soft tissue repair and reinforcement applications - from dura, tendon, and hernia repair to wound management and plastic and reconstructive surgery.