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The company is bundling the activities of its subsidiaries Merz Pharmaceuticals, Merz Consumer Care, and Merz Dental, with products ranging from prescription drugs and OTC products for health and wellness, materials for dentists and dental technicians to hygienic products for medical disinfection and cleaning.

Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH has its own research and development that concentrates on developing medications for such neurological and psychiatric conditions as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and such neuro-muscular disorders as dystonia. Aesthetic dermatology is the second area of Merz competency. Here Merz deals with improving personal appearance by smoothing skin. The company also develops and markets medications in the so-called clinical field for the treatments of scars, acne, hair loss and fungal infections.
RADIESSE™ Voice injectable implant consists of synthetic Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres with a diameter range of 25 to 45 µm, suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. These consistently shaped and sized particles have proven safe and biocompatible while allowing gradual tissue growth for a long lasting augmentation shown to be effective up to 12 months or longer in many patients. RADIESSE™ Voice is convenient to use without preparation or mixing. and comes with an easy-to-use needle.

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